Documents For First Level Exam

  1. Aspects of cytoskeleton assembly and dynamics.
    Wagstaff and Löwe, 2018. Prokaryotic cytoskeletons: protein filaments organizing small cells. Nature Reviews, Vol. 16 p. 187- 201.
    Shishen Du et al., 2018. FtsZ filaments have the opposite kinetic polarity of microtubules, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018 Oct 16;115(42):10768-10773.
  2. Replication in bacteria
    de Lemos Martins, F. et al., 2018. "Vibrio Cholerae Chromosome 2 Copy Number Is Controlled by the Methylation-Independent Binding of Its Monomeric Initiator to the Chromosome 1 crtS Site." Nucleic Acids Research 81 (September 3, 2018): e00019–17–12. doi:10.1093/nar/gky790.
    Val, M E, et al., 2016. "A Checkpoint Control Orchestrates the Replication of the Two Chromosomes of Vibrio Cholerae." Science Advances 2, no. 4 (April 1, 2016): e1501914–14. doi:10.1126/sciadv.1501914.
  3. Regulation by Phosphorylation
    Biochem J. 2018 Nov 9;475(21):3331-3357. doi: 10.1042/BCJ20160819. G protein subunit phosphorylation as a regulatory mechanism in heterotrimeric G protein signaling in mammals, yeast, and plants. Chakravorty D1, Assmann SM1.
    J Muscle Res Cell Motil. 2012 Dec;33(6):419-29. doi: 10.1007/s10974-012-9317-6. Structural dynamics of muscle protein phosphorylation. Colson BA1, Gruber SJ, Thomas DD.
  4. TERT
    Horn, S. et al. (2013) TERT Promoter Mutations in Familial and Sporadic Melanoma Science 339:959
    Huang et al. (2013) Highly Recurrent TERT Promoter Mutations in Human Melanoma Science
  5. Transdifferentiation
    Richard J.P. et al., 2011. Direct in vivo cellular reprogramming involves discrete, non- pluripotent steps. Development 138: p.1483-1492.
    Zuryn S, Ahier A, Portoso M, White ER, Morin MC, Margueron R, Jarriault S., 2014. Sequential histone-modifying activities determine the robustness of transdifferentiation. Science. 2014. 345:826-9
  6. Nucleoporin genes
    D'Angelo MA, Raices M, Panowski SH, Hetzer MW. Age-dependent deterioration of nuclear pore complexes causes a loss of nuclear integrity in postmitotic cells. Cell. 2009, 136(2): 284-95.
    Sakuma, Stephen; D'Angelo, Maximiliano A. The roles of the nuclear pore complex in cellular dysfunction, aging and disease. Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology 2017. 68 SI: 72-84.
  7. Axon guidance
    Keleman et al., 2005. Comm function in commissural axon guidance: cell-autonomous sorting of Robo in vivo, Nature Neurosciences 8(2):156-63.
    Dickson and Gilestro, 2006. Regulation of commissural axon pathfinding by slit and its Robo receptors. Annu Rev Cell Dev Biol. 2006; 22:651-75.
  8. Sex determination
    Sakashita A, Wakai T, Kawabata Y, Nishimura C, Sotomaru Y, Alavattam KG, Namekawa SH Kono T (2018) XY oocytes of sex-reversed females with a Sry mutation deviate from the normal developmental process beyond the mitotic stage. Biol Repro
    Rotgers E, Jorgensen A, Yao HH-C (2018) At the crossroads of fate-somatic cell lineage specification in the fetal gonad. Endocrine Reviews 39:739-759.
  9. Human Microbiome
    Leclercq S, Mian FM, Stanisz AM, Bindels LB, Cambier E, Ben-Amram H, Koren O, Forsythe P, Bienenstock J. Low-dose penicillin in early life induces long-term changes in murine gut microbiota, brain cytokines and behavior. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2017| 8:15062 | DOI: 10.1038/ncomms15062 |
    Costello EK, Stagaman K, Dethlefsen L, Bohannan BJM, Relman DA. The application of ecological theory toward an understanding of the human microbiome. Science. 2012;336(6086):1255-62.
  10. P53 and cancer
    Wang, X.; Wei, L.; Cramer, J.M.; Leibowitz, B.J.; Judge, C.; Epperly, M.; Greenberger, J.; Wang, F.; Li, L.; Stelzner, M.G.; et al. Pharmacologically blocking p53-dependent apoptosis protects intestinal stem cells and mice from radiation. Sci. Rep. 2015, 5, 8566, doi:10.1038/srep08566.
    Gudkov, A.V.; Komarova, E.A. Prospective therapeutic applications of p53 inhibitors. Biochem. Biophys.res. Commun. 2005, 331, 726–736, doi:10.1016/j.bbrc.2005.03.153.

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