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Undergraduate Research Techniques Facility



   Welcome to our home page. The Undergraduate Research Techniques Facility (RTF) is a small practice lab and learning center in the Department of Biological Sciences at Hunter College. It is designed to provide practical experience and background information to students prior to their entry into an experimental research project in a faculty laboratory. The major objective of this website is to make RTF instructional materials and information readily available to Hunter College Biology Majors and faculty members, and to other institutions that may wish to try this approach.

A synopsis of the features of our undergraduate Research Techniques Facility is provided below. Please use the navigation bar above to examine specific features and instructional materials in detail.

bulletAn instructional resource in the Dept. of Biological Sciences at Hunter College
bulletFor undergraduate Biology majors with little or no research lab experience
bulletPractical introduction to basic research laboratory equipment and procedures
bulletActivities guided by a Workbook and supervised by advanced undergraduates ("Modules" bars, above)
bulletFlexible scheduling by appointment during most times of the year
bulletEntry via permission form signed by any Biology faculty member ("Forms" bar, above)
bulletNo fee, no exams, no grade, no credits for Tech Facility work per se
bulletSupported by grants from the National Science Foundation and the
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Biological Sciences Education Program.
  Research Techniques Facility Workshop (Manhattan Hunter Sci. High School)  

COPYRIGHT, 1997. The RTF Workbook exercises published in this site may not be re-published in any form without written permission from the Department of Biological Sciences at Hunter College (Questions/Feedback button, above).
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