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New Gene Linked To Autism

Several genes have been linked to autism by their mutation in affected individuals.  In the November 3rd issue of Journal of Neuroscience, Joanna Giza (PhD student) and colleagues in Mitch Goldfarb’s lab report on another autism gene candidate.  The gene, termed IB2, is located on a known autism-associated chromosome regional deletion (Chr 22q13.3) and encodes a protein concentrated at synapses between nerve cells in the brain.  Experimental mutation of the IB2 gene in mice alters communication between nerve cells (synaptic transmission) and induces multiple behavioral anomalies in the mice, some of which are akin to human autistic deficits.  Further details can be found in J Neuroscience ( or at Prof. Goldfarb’s webpage (  Dr. Giza has advanced to postdoctoral research training at Yale University.


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