Hunter Biology Student Avalon Garcia Wins Award - Biology

Hunter Biology Student Avalon Garcia Wins Award

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The Harold Amos award is given every year to a graduate student pursuing a doctorate in one of the biomedical sciences. It honors the legacy of Dr. Harold Amos who campaign for decades on behalf of minority scientists in higher education
and was widely recognized for wielding his influence to open doors for other blacks.
Avalon was a graduate fellow of Hunter College Center for the Study of Gene Structure and Function. She recently earned her doctorate in Biochemistry and conducted her thesis research in the lab of Dr. David Foster at Hunter College’s Biology department. For her thesis work, she studied the role of stress-induced Phospholipase D activity in the survival of human cancer cells.
Avalon was recognized on Monday, June 29, 2009 following a lecture she provided to the summer students for undergraduate research. She recently accepted a postdoctoral fellowship position in the cancer institute at Mount Sinai Medical Center in the lab of Dr. Eduardo Farias.

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