Powerpoint is a computer software program designed to facilitate presentations to an audience.  It is a convenient way to prepare presentations without slides, slide projectors, or transparencies.  Using Powerpoint makes it convenient to change, add, and edit material, or correct mistakes, at any time before the presentation.  With a click of the mouse, color, sound, or even videos can be added.  The versatility of Powerpoint allows the flexibility to experiment with new features for presenting research.  A Powerpoint Tutorial CD available in the Tech Facility, “Discover Powerpoint”, is a self-help guide that will get you started.  It covers all of the basic features of Powerpoint and is conveniently organized into several categories for easy reference in case something is forgotten.  This CD is an interactive instructional tool with which the user follows the audible commands from the software.  There are self-quizzes after each category to review what has been learned.  Upon completion of the tutorial you will have an overview of Powerpoint that allows the making of presentations “from scratch”.


EXERCISE:  There are two copies of the PowerPoint CD in the Tech Facility

1.  First, obtain the “J212” key from the stationery drawer in the Tech facility Lab.

2.  Use it to open drawer “X” under the small monitor in the video/computer room.

3.  The CD will be run on the Dell computer.  Press the “ON” button firmly, and make sure that its green light goes on.

4.  Turn on the monitor: press its “ON” button and check for the green light.

5.  Turn on the speakers by using the volume knob on the right-hand speaker.

6.  If computer does not go into Windows, press “enter” key for the first Windows 98.

7.  If a Novell box and/or password box appear, use the left-hand mouse button to point and click “cancel” or “X”.

8.  If a Virus Scan Box appears, wait until it disappears and the Windows (with icons) appear.

9.  Insert the CD in the CD drive (Be careful not to touch the underside of the CD!).

10. Press “open” to make the CD tray come out.

11. Place the CD on the tray, label side up.

12. Press the “open” button again to put the tray back in the drive.  It will automatically enter you into the tutorial.  If not, then double-click on the Discover Powerpoint icon.  NOTE: The CD needs to be in the drive constantly for you to operate Discover Powerpoint.

13. First, Discover Powerpoint will ask whether you are using this software for the first time.  Point and click on the appropriate answer.

14. You are required to enter your name so that the tutorial can keep track of your progress.

15. Follow the directions until you have reached the Table of Contents.

16. Go through topics in order, beginning to end, starting with “Welcome to Discoverware”.

17. Use earphones located in drawer “X” so that you do not disturb other students working nearby.  Plug into the right jack on speaker.

18. To exit Discover Powerpoint, click “X” located in the upper right-hand corner and then click “exit” when a list appears on the right-hand side.

19. Carefully put the CD back in its plasic case and return it to drawer X.

20. Lock drawer X and return key to stationery drawer in the tech Facility lab.

21. If it is not needed by someone else, turn off the computer by clicking “Start” on lower left corner and click “Shut down”, then “OK”.  Then turn off monitor and speakers.