AGL is a research & training facility in the Anthropology Department of Hunter College* - CUNY, led by Dr. Michael Steiper, Prof. of Anthropology.

* I also accept and train PhD students in AGL via the Graduate Center of CUNY (both in Anthropology and Biology). I accept MA students through the Hunter College MA Program. Email me for details. See also the NYCEP webpage.

AGL's Mission:

To conduct genetics research into questions of anthropological significance and train students in relevant techniques.

AGL's research foci are:

  • Estimating divergence dates for primate clades and exploring the relationships between paleontological and molecular divergences.
  • Understanding adaptation in humans and other primates.
  • Validation of field techniques for molecular primatology.

AGL's training mission encompasses:

  • Mentoring and training undergraduate, masters, and PhD students.
  • Teaching introductory and advanced coursework in physical anthropology.
  • Prof. Steiper's courses have included:
    • ANTH798 (at the Graduate Center, CUNY) Quant Methods in Physical Anthropology [PhD level statistics].
    • ANTH790 Introduction to Biological Anthropology [MA Level].
    • ANTHP302/ANTH793 Human Evolutionary Genetics [advanced undergrad/master's level].
    • ANTHP312/ANTH791.64 Primate Evolutionary Genetics [advanced undergrad/master's level].
    • ANTHP102 Human Variation [intro level].
    • ANTHP101 Human Evolution [intro level].