Department of Biological Sciences Inga Richter Fall 2019 Seminar Series

In memory of a former doctoral student lnga R. Richter. Inga was dedicated to her students and profession. She felt that her teaching responsibilities did not stop in the classroom; they stopped when her students understood. All seminars are held on Mondays in Room 926 North (69th Street between Park and Lexington) at 12:00PM. Refreshments will be served at 11:45AM

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Mon. 9-Sep
Superheroes of the Human Microbiota and Beyond: An Introduction to Mechano-Micro-Biology
Dr. Nicolas Biais
CUNY Brooklyn College
Host: Jayne Raper


Mon. 16-Sep HN-436**
The Vertebrate Genomes Project
Dr. Erich Jarvis
Rockefeller University
Host: Robert Dottin


Mon. 23-Sep
How African trypanosomes receptors for host proteins work
Dr. Mark Carrington
University of Cambridge
Host: Jayne Raper


Mon. 7-Oct HN-436**
The Genomics, Epigenomics, and Metagenomics of Human Spaceflight
Dr. Christopher Mason
Weill Cornell Medical College
Host: Robert Dottin

Mon. 16-Oct *(Weds)


Tues. 21-Oct (TUES 12:45pm)
Extracellular mechanisms of brain plasticity in chronic pain
Dr. Maral Tajerian
Queens College
Host: Carmen Melendez-Vasquez


Mon. 28-Oct
Dr. Emmanuel Asante-Asamani
CUNY Hunter College
Host: Derrick Brazill


Mon. 4-Nov HN-436**
Part I. The Business of Genomics Part II. Biotechnology and Genomics: New Therapies for Rare Diseases.
Dr. Harvey Lodish
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Host: Robert Dottin


Mon. 11-Nov
Understanding mRNA regulation using integrative genomics approaches
Dr. Xuebing Wu
Columbia University
Host: Diana Bratu


Mon. 18-Nov
Novel cytoskeletal requirements for human natural killer cell migration and function
Dr. Emily Mace
Columbia University
Host: Diana Bratu


Mon. 25-Nov HN-436**
Towards AI-driven Cancer Genomics
Dr. Olivier Elemento
Weill Cornell Medical College
Host: Robert Dottin


Mon. 2-Dec
Gap Junctions in the Nervous System: Composition and plasticity of the Nexus
Dr. David Spray
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Host: Ekaterina Likhtik


Mon. 9-Dec HN-436**
Functions and Mechanisms of PVT1 Transcripts in Prostate Tumorigenesis
Dr. Olorunseun Ogunwobi
CUNY Hunter College
Host: Robert Dottin


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